Goldman Sachs and the Digital Sky Investments $ 500 Million on Facebook

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Deal of investment with fantastic value of the ICT sector in early 2011 occurred when up agreement with Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies (DST), for placement of funds with a total value of USD 500 million. Goldman put funds worth $ 450 million and USD 50 million DST. In a deal between Goldman and up, are expected Goldman to raise funds for USD 1.5 billion from investors.

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CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who on several occasions to give official statements to the public is always no comment about the planned initial public offering - IPO - up, in the document deal with Goldman was in fact there is confirmation of the planned IPO up. Based on the documents released by the New York Times, noted that Facebook will publicize to the public on the financial statements of the company in April 2012.

As is known, currently up still existed as a private company and the announcement of financial statements to the public is the duty of a public company listed on stock exchanges. In this case in accordance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission - Bapepam United States.

To achieve the target of USD 1.5 billion from investors, Goldman makes valuation of up U.S. $ 50 billion investment proposal offers an ownership stake in Facebook to our clients they are elected. The proposal has a minimum value of USD 2 million and must not be traded until 2013.

Figures of USD 50 billion is made up of more value than eBay (USD 37 billion) and Yahoo (USD 22 billion). But still below the Amazon (USD 83 billion) and Google (USD 193 billion).

The estimated value of revenue and sales up in 2010 as stated in Goldman's proposal amounted to USD 355 million and $ 1.2 billion. The number is up from statistics in 2009 where up achieve revenue of USD 220 million and sales of USD 770 million.

In some ways, Goldman deals with up represents a very classic business model, as follows:

    * Take a stake in a company that has a rapid business growth,
    * Advise on capital improvement to the company,
    * Help the company to reach cash from investors, and
    * Sell shares to investors through initial public offering of shares on the stock exchange.

Goldman profit potential of each new investors up is the upfront fee (approximately 4%) and 5% of any gain. If the IPO to be done, Goldman will get a fee back. Value-underwriting fee is common on Wall Street is in the range of 4% -7%. Special plans IPO up, expected to be similar to Google's IPO, it can be predicted only around 3% only.

DST which puts the fund $ 50 million in up with Goldman, is one big investor in Facebook, before DST has put up funds in the amount of USD 200 million in 2009.

Goldman relationship with DST is very good, Yuri Milner, CEO of DST called the New York Times as Helping play matchmaker between Goldman and up. The linkage relationship with Goldman DST is when the process belongs DST listing on the London Stock Exchange. According to Bloomberg, in November 2010 and then was the lead underwriter Goldman IPO valued at USD 912 million and is the second largest IPO in the same year after the IPO Vallar $ 1 billion. So it is not difficult for DST to help Goldman make kesepekatan USD 450 million with up.

Goldman Sachs adds a long list of big investors up, after Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, Accel Partners, Greylock Partners, Meritech, Capital Partners, The Founders Fund, Microsoft, Li Ka-shing, the European Founders Fund, TriplePoint Capital, Digital Sky Technologies and Elevation Partners.

With fresh funds of USD 500 million, in addition to Goldman and plans an IPO scenario, what will be done by up then? Hiring employees with high caliber, develop new products and acquisitions are the three things that might be done and has been very common ICT giant companies in the last period. In the investment side, the company is now very possible to buy back shares from employees who want to sell and get cash quickly. The decision will be determined by the CEO and owner of 25% stake in Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

Indonesia as the country's third biggest Facebook users in the world, after the United States and Britain, will get what the big plan up for this? Is the IT entrepreneurs, investors and business people concerned with this as a signal of the digital capture business opportunities and investment or just a mere news?
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