SmartHealth – Asuransi Kesehatan Kumpulan

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SmartHealth Classic Premier
Provided a very comprehensive benefits include:

* Maintenance, of Inpatient, Outpatient, Maternity and Dental Care
* Prevention, in the form of immunization for children, family planning, birth control
* Check for control, in the form of inspection for 30 days after leaving the hospital for mothers and babies.
All these benefits can be felt by employees and their families is the only way: show card Allianz participants in the Hospital / Clinic Allianz Network without the need to pay in which Allianz will bear the cost of employee care and / or his family as a whole when in accordance with medical indications.SmartHealth Blue Sapphire
Provide reimbursement to employees and / or their families if require hospitalization at the hospital, including the cost of surgery. Provided a very comprehensive benefits include:

* Hospitalization
* Maternity
* Outpatient
* Dental Care
* Glasses
These benefits have several advantages, among them:

* Benefits are made flexible which can be determined solely by the Company, adjusted to the budget and each of the existing regulations in various companies.
* Free to choose hospital / clinic.
* No annual benefit limit.

SmartHealth Light Titanium
Same benefits provided by group health insurance program Blue Sapphire, only in U.S. Dollar
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